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Pre-ordered last friday so excited :3

Think my team will be this:
I like to have an even physical/special split. Camerupt/Eelektoss/Walrein will be special Flygon/Meinshao/Leafeon/Sawsbuck physical :3

Camerupt [Eruptor] is one of my favourite fire types and haven't used it properly since gen 3! Ground/Fire will be useful.
Flygon [Fink] is my favourite dragon type, it's a pain in the ass to train but I love it.
Eelektross [Easgann] I fell in love with it during white. It has awesome coverage and looks creepy as hell.
Meinshao [Cliseach] gives a girly touch to my team xD it saved me a lot during white, really fast with good moves.
Walrein, [Floe] another 3rd gen throw back, I've used Jellicent in pretty much all of my teams this gen and none of the other water types barring Lapras really stood out.
Leafon, [Leon] I'm using one in my plat nuzlocke and it's awesome, limited movesets but it does it's job.
Sawsbuck [Seasons] was one of my favs, I love it's design and when it has sap sipper and horn leech it's awesome.

This may or may not change if I do a Nuzlocke. Will probably pick Tepig as a starter and then box it.