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    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    Although i think some of the main issues have been misses probably my fault

    The point of the post was to find out if anyone would like a battle system with more dimensions to it and i only used the anime as an example of better battling. While i agree that the Pokemon RPG as it is now is a strategy game everyone has to admit that going threw the game we often just use our same strongest attack to blow away the foe. Even Final Fantasy (one of the oldest strategy games) has recently changed their battle style.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have to think about how to defeat the Pokemon stood in front of you?

    I like the friendship idea personally, for example, If you raise your Pokemon quickly force it to battle tired then it could level up faster but will be unhappy with you. However if you keep your Pokemon happy by praising it after battle then it will level up more slowly but could gain extra benefits (eg, hidden moves, when most Pokemon faint it could get back up with small amount of health and carry on because its determined to help you).

    I also like it in the anime when they use their surroundings to attack i think that would be a great way to break some battles from A bashing stalemates. EG using thunderbolt on the ground.

    I don't think a game like this would be "tedious" it would just be a slight learning curve.
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