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    Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
    hey 1158, great hack, halfway through it, its a real long hack! but i must ask, where is the move deleter?
    You can find him in Halfleaf City,where you can get your 7th badge.

    Originally Posted by trickser View Post
    how do you get to the last gym?
    greetings trickser
    The last gym is in Flora Island,you can find out where it is by the town map,just ignore where you're shown to be.But you need to complete the event on the top of Mt.Skywall.

    Originally Posted by Bonespectre View Post
    Where is the key to open something at the crystal villa to help Uranium?
    You can get it from a dark worker which can be found in a certain place of TYRON,he'll escape from you for 3 times,and you must find him for 4 times,he'll give you the key as you find him the 4th time.
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