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Originally Posted by Mario The World Champion View Post
I thought bring street smart was, and I'm using the definition from Urban Dictionary,

" A street smart person isn't stubborn and actually listens to things and understands it."

There's nothing bad about being book smart, but you need to be out there in the world and know how it works in certain situations If you're only book smart and go out there in the world, you're pretty much naive and fresh meat to be taken advantage of.
Firstly the quote you gave implies that ALL booksmart people are stubborn and don't listen but I have to disagree there (well doesn't this seem hypocritical). Some of the most adaptive people and some of the best listeners I know are very intelligent (booksmart). I'm sure you didn't intend to give that part any emphasis though.

Secondly, being booksmart does not make you naive or easy to take advantage of, that depends on the person themselves not what areas the excel at. Street smart people aren't less "naive" as such, they just have more social connections than people who are primarily book smart and so find out about things sooner (this probably sounds entirely different to what I'm meaning to say). Naivety isn't a factor of how "smart" you are in an area it is a personality trait, saying a booksmart person is always more naive is like saying an aggressive person would easily beat the [email protected] out of a calm person (my analogies suck tonight) a personality trait doesn't always relate to a skill. I'd say it is merely a coincidence that booksmart people are usually more naive than streetsmart people. But really as I have already said it is pretty hard tocontribute to society without a good enough degree of both.

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