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    Seeing the Academy in view, Shawn snapped his mind back to the taask at hand: signing in. Heasked around for help and was told eventually where to go. Without a moment to lose, he headed to a building to get accomodated.

    He emerged later with his belongings, including a yellow jacket, signifying Raikou dorm's newest resident. "Yellow?" he muttered to himself, "Oh well, at least it was still there." Zapper glided around the dorm building as Shawn donned his jacket. He entered the dorm and headed to his room, setting his stuff down heavily. He let out Sting and Cactuar to let them survey their new living quarters.

    Shawn stared out the window, opening it for Zapper, who glided in quickly and landed gracefully near the bed. Shawn kept looking out his window, thinking about where to proceed. "Maybe they have a class that'll help me figure out where my parents are..." he thought to himself.

    He quickly got bored, though, and decided to go to the beach. Zapper had fallen asleep on the bed, while Cactuar looked at Shawn like he wanted to do something else, too. Sting was near the door, ready in case something happened. "C'mon, guys," Shawn smiled at them both,"let's go to the beach." Cactuar leapt for joy, but Sting simply nodded. Coming out of the dorm, Shawn walked towards the sandy coastline, his Drapion and Cacnea on either side.

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