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    Nightly Regimen Horrors

    Spirit sighed a little and nodded. Yeah, going inside sounds nice... I need some comfort about now... She seemed... Rather gloomy right now. Somewhat fitting for her new ghostly form.


    (If this were Anime, Kiba would have grown fangs right about now)

    Kiba gritted his teeth, charging at Ki, only to be stopped by a rather nervous voice... That, and some exceedingly cold water.

    Kiba immediately turned to Julia, shivering, and the laughter... Oddly enough, it soothed him. "It's okay, Julia..." He spoke somewhat softly, reassuring her. Would she find it odd how nonchalant he was with this? Probably. He had wrapped an arm around hers, as if to reassure her that he was next to her. He looked to the two Pokemon that were released and simply... Held out a hand toward them. Sure to get some questioning looks, he quietly explained, while his hand was held out.

    "Back when I was still a child... When my parents didn't pay any attention to me, I left the house. There was a forest nearby, a field on the route west of Lavender, and... Pokemon Tower. I spent a good majority of my time in there. I surprisingly got along very well with the spirits resting there... They enjoyed the company, and so did I. So Flare and I would visit them on common occasion. We could play, talk, interact, and have fun. So... I'm used to the pranks." He still shivered, and while holding her she could easily feel it. "Th-that water was really c-cold..." He walked closer to the two pokemon, held a hand up toward the Haunter, and watched him with a slight smirk. A twinkle in his eye.


    Mello was silently wanting to stop Avaith, but it was too late. He kept... Talking. She, halfway through Avaith's speech, had curled up, covering her ears and awaiting the inevitable.

    Flare looked ready to explode. He didn't even wait for Avaith to finish speaking before he erupted. DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING!! His eyes looked furious, and it took considerable control to keep the flames from bursting from his mouth, and the fire simply licked at his teeth. His responses were the equivalent of loud, angry barking, nearly roaring. Mello only held onto Avaith and hoped he wouldn't be damaged for this. SHE NEVER ONCE CAME AND SPOKE A WORD TO ME!! SHE WENT STRAIGHT TO THAT... .... Here it comes... TRAMP!! He was barking and roaring up a storm, all of this inches from Avaith.

    He leaned down closer, so that his furious amber glare burned into the little Quilava's eyes. Speaking of which... If you ever hurt Mello... Give me another reason to hate you... I'll bite you right in two and burn your corpse to a burning cris-- He was interrupted by a water spurt in the face. Oh damn. He looked beyond furious - insane.

    Mello's eyes widened and she clung to Avaith even tighter.


    Kiba watched Flare with a look of pure worry. "Ki, emergency!!" He quickly turned to Julia and basically tackled her to the ground, using his own body to shield hers.

    Ki, in a matter of moments, took the basket of Avaith and Mello, turning away from Flare and trying to get some distance.

    Flare's growling was rising quickly, stopping for a second. That second of silence seemed to slow time, but immediately after, Flare... Literally erupted. His roar echoed through the area, and a large pillar of flames burst from nowhere, surrounding Flare and spinning in quick circles, showing brightly up to the night sky, like a beacon, or a... flare.


    Ki was slightly singed in the back but took an extra leap forward to avoid the flames. He knelt down with the basket, whispering rather urgently to the two, What in the world happened??

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