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    When I saw what happened in the episode I really thought the the series was finished but they still have 11 more episodes to go :/ .
    For your sake if you don't like spoilers don't watch the video in the spoiler box, if not go right on ahead :D


    This is the Fairy Dance Arc preview

    if you can't view the video here is the link:
    I have 4 conclusion and/ or questions
    1)Apparently Asuna is brain dead or dead
    2)They went back into another Virtual Reality game (I wouldn't after the SAO fiasco :( )
    3)This is more of a traditional MMORPG where there as class (elves, etc)
    4)Yui is back? O.o and she has wings.

    Q: Would you want to live in Aincrad?
    A: Umm, this is a circumstantial situation. I would love to live there but if I can't logout that is pretty horrible. But if I'm already trapped in Aincrad, I would probably settle down and not risk dying on the higher levels. Asuna mentions that all players' real bodies must be currently being treated on hospitals and their condition can not be kept indefinitely, thus living in the game won't last forever.
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