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    So Ghetsis doesn't try to murder Nate/Rosa after all in the English version. He simply tries to freeze them solid. But not only that, he does it so that they can "watch his glorious ascent".

    What do you guys think?

    Personally, I think this was kind of a stupid move. Lots of kids' shows and movies use "kill" and "die" without hesitation. It makes Ghetsis sound a lot more cartoonish and less of a monster, and the fact that they made a point of the protagonist still being alive isn't a good sign either (even "I'll freeze you solid right here and let you be" would have been way better while still being safe for little kids).

    It reminds me a lot of "Han shot first" in Star Wars, where a change to a tiny little scene to make it more politically correct kinda ruins the characterization of a major character. I can see this becoming the "Han shot first" of the Pokemon fandom ("Ghetsis tried to kill you" T-shirts, anyone?)

    And just for fun, here's a Dolan comic about it (warning: some (albeit misspelled) language):
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