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There's a story behind this one.
This morning my smoke detector went off while making breakfast. I grabbed a towel and waved it around near the smoke detector to clear some smoke away. I must of swung waved to hard cause the towel cause the cover of the detector opened up by accident. I stopped what I was doing to close it back together, but I couldn't reach the smoke detector. I got on the stairs and still couldn't reach it. I had to grab a chair in order to close it back up and while I was doing that I thought, "Man, I wish I was taller."

Do you ever which you were a bit taller or even shorter? How much taller /shorter would you like to be? (

The title of this thread pretty sums up my answer. I'm 5'5" , which is considered pretty short for a man my age. When I was about 11, my doctor predicted I would grew up to be 5'7". I kind of wish that prediction was actually true. If I was taller I would be able to reach places I can't now and I'd be built differently. I'd be a lot skinnier. I don't to be a lot taller, just a few more inches. The average height for males 20-39 in America is 5'10". I wouldn't mind that.

So how about you guys?
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