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Originally Posted by Darthrai View Post
Well... at least to me, it looks like Ghetsis is making a point of keeping the protagonist alive.

As for parent groups, I do remember that they complained about Pokémon a lot in the '90s. Maybe that's why they're so prudish about censorship (this and censoring "Afro Break" and the word "afro" too, though that might have had more to do with the Jynx controversy too). Still, it's been 15 years, and I'm sure that they can safely stop doing that kind of thing...

Exactly - suddenly, BW1 seem like the darker games than BW2. I know it was only one line, but still, "Han shot first".

And the comic link has been fixed
Yeah, Pokemon past experience with controversy in US make Nintendo take really conservative approach when handling this franchise. Just look at the needless redesign of Lenora.

Also you can check my edited comment

Pokemon is a Japanese RPG Made By a Japanese Developer With Japanese Audience in Mind I tell You