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    Shiryo Maboroshi
    Divine Water

    Shiryo's red eyes neutrally studied the lethargic movement of the clouds overhead as he stretched lazily in the cool grass. The orange glow that surrounded those morning clouds were almost... Ironic. Yet, it seemed right for the clouds, who spent most of their day as a perfect white canvas, to start off painted in a passionate glow of reds and pinks. Beside him, Shingetsu snuggled into his halfway open Kimono. The Yamask said something, but it was muffled by a yawn. Shiryo raised a questioning eyebrow.

    "I umm... I said it's pretty." Shingetsu whispered. Shiryo chuckled and pat the Yamask's head. Shingetsu smiled and did a little loop in the air, before settling back on the ground with Shiryo.

    "You miss her... Don't you?"
    Shingetsu asked. Shiryo gave a neutral grunt that spoke more words than it possibly could.

    "I thought so." Shingetsu said, giving a comforting pat with his winglike hand.

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