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    Originally Posted by SSJ4 Furanki View Post
    Yeah, I went and made the Leaf sprite less fat, I knew something looked off; but, since I'm still in the state of changing things, I left it there for the time being. The new one has the same pose, base, but, I made it look more correct. Plus, trying to create a new Leaf/Green sprite is a challenge for me.
    Thanks, and yeah, I noticed after both you guys pointed it out! Haha! I knew something looked off originally. If it still looks too off, I'll ask someone else to take a shot at the sprite. They should have included her in HG/SS or B2/W2, that would've made my editing a lot easier, haha.

    Here's the change I made to Leaf/Green:
    I understand it can be difficult to make completely new sprites. Heck, I don't know if I could do any better! However, there is something that does need to be addressed that has nothing to do with finesse.

    Both playable characters in the main Pokémon games have always had the same expressions on their face, with poses to complement that. It's always been that way, from the first game both genders were available, to this one, even to today:

    The only noticeable difference between the expressions of each pair is that the female character has an open mouth with a more noticeable smile. Either that, or it's lipstick, I don't know which. The point is that the expressions of the two are meant to be mirror images. Keeping Green/Leaf cheerful when Red isn't cheerful is not consistent in the slightest, among other things...

    ...This actually leads into the bigger issue. Something else you might notice is that all of these trainers look confident, eager, and a bit cheerful. I think your main problem is actually choosing to go with Red's HG/SS sprite. He's supposed to look ragged, experienced, and ruthless in that one. After all, he's been doing absolutely nothing but training his Pokémon to death for three years. Since this is supposed to be your telling of the events that occur right when the player character sets out on his/her adventure, and NOT after three years of seeing what the world has to throw at him/her, it seems rightfully odd for Red to already look like he doesn't give know.

    The Old Man story is more of 'my guess', I was never able to get a straightforward translation, so I went with a bunch a different translators pick out which parts made sense in each one (I even looked at the crappily translated Green, where Pokémon are called PETs, you could call it the Vietnamese Green since it's done in the same style as the infamous Crystal one, but, I checked that one since that was one of the parts that actually looked like it could pass for decent English.) and the final part, my limited amount of Japanese. I can read Katakana and Hiragana easily (but, I can't translate Hiragana), so I could tell you what it says in Japanese, but, I couldn't tell you the English translation, unless I specifically knew the word. Luckily, one of the sentences was easy to translate. I saw Washi and Hanashi in the line about the Eagle. Washi = Eagle, Hanashi = Story, and then there was the 'no' in the sentence which holds it together.
    I honestly had no idea that the old man really was drunk in the original Japanese release. I felt that it'd be appropriate, but not actually so. TCRC certainly doesn't say anything about it, so I'd otherwise be in the dark about that. Best of luck with your translation efforts!
    I changed the Cinnabar Mansion dialouge to change pronouns to how they were in the Japanese version. There wasn't a team behind Mewtwo, in the Japanese version Mr. Fuji is the only one implied to work on Mewtwo. In Emerald the same rings true on Faraway Island, at the sign there's a message written. In the English version they got rid of the part that implies Mr. Fuji wrote it. In Japanese at the end of the message on its own line it has ...ji. Written without anything before it. The whole message is faded in both. So, parts of words are throughout the whole sign.
    Just out of curiosity, what is the official canon concerning this? The Japanese games hint that only Mr. Fuji was involved with the Mewtwo scenario, but the American games try to mimic the story as it was told in the anime.

    And thanks for the info about the flags for legendary battles! I'm not too great at scripting, but, for this project, I'm lucky that I only need limited knowledge, and I'm not gonna include day and night in that case. I have no time based events planned.
    Your welcome! And just so you don't get confused, those flags are for the tickets, not the legendary battles themselves. There's a separate set of flags for legendary battles that can be observed with the pre-existing legendary events and the headers for the maps they occur on. Oh, and the Person ID flag set for each sprite.

    Flags 0x84A and 0x84B, specifically, allow the player to go to Navel Rock and Birth Island when set, respectively. The coders at GameFreak knew that people would try to activate the events by just putting the proper items in their inventories via Action Replay, so they made it so the events can only be accessed if

    1) You have the proper item (Mysticticket or Auroraticket), and
    2) The proper flag (0x84A or 0x84B) is set.

    Otherwise the game will act as if you don't have the the ticket at all, and it won't let you go to the event destinations. This is a problem that can be seen with some of the earlier 386 efforts, where the hackers just let the players buy the tickets from Poké Marts. Buying them from there won't set the flags, and will therefore make them useless.
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