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Nickname (Optional): Syther

Age (10-15): 15

Sex (Male or Female): Male

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm): Suicune

Appearance: Short and Slim, brow hair that's just long enough to barley cover the eyes. Brown eyes and a tannish skin color

Personality: Like to be around others. Thinks that he is a comedian, and always is telling jokes. Finds the light in every situation and sometimes is annoying to his peers. He makes it obvious who he likes and dislikes and doesn't care what anyone else thinks about him. He shares all of his opinions openly and this may often get him in trouble in school. Wanted to become a trainer in order to see new things and meet new people. He loves to learn new things and try them out. He has an all out offensive pokemon strategy. He isn't the best at school work though. He may spend all day hanging out with his friends and just forget everything. His extreme irresponsibility has caused him to get a few... well a lot of bad grades in school.

History: Syther was abandoned by his father early on in life, his father became a famous well known trainer, but Syther never met him. His mother always told him to look at the bright side of everything which ended up giving him his happy attitude. He strives to one day battle his father and defeat him. He was always fond of the Pokemon Scyther as it's name his similar to his. His dad also had a Scizor. His first pokemon was a Scyther he found abandoned. It was the first one he had ever seen in his own eyes and was scared of it. He tried to talk to it and he saw the pain in the Scyther's eyes. Scyther joined him and he began to catch other pokemon. He knew he finally had a chance at his dream coming true. Scyther, who he would name Sly, became his best friend. When he was 12, his mom died in a car crash. He had a period of depression as he was orphaned. He moved in with a friends parents and they gifted him a Ghastly to welcome him. He became part of the family and knows his parents as his new mom and dad. His new dad told him of a Pokemon academy that could help him fufill his dream of defeating his father in a battle, once he heard about the academy and new he had to join.

Species: Scyther, Ghastly, Charmander
Nickname(Optional)ly, Gener, Lizzy
Personality: Gener is just like Syther. He loves to play around and have fun with all the other pokemon. But his appearance scares them away sometimes
Syther loves to battle and is belligerent. It often gets Syther into trouble though. He is Syther's favorite pokemon.
Lizzy was caught lateley by Syther and has befriended the other two pokemon. He is shy, and doesn't like fighting.
Lvl(Max 25): all are level 20
Scyther: X-scissor, Vacuum Wave,
Ghastly: Shadow Ball, Lick
Charmander: Ember, Scratch

Tell me if there's anything more you need.
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