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    I had no idea there was a term for it, "Straight-Edge?" I've heard of that on different occasions but never understood the definition of it x)

    I was forced to smoke back when I was 3-4 years old twice, still remembered it. Thankfully its probably why I hate smelling or even seeing the cigs these days, let alone tell my nephew to keep the weed in the bag when he's @ my house. I completely despise smoking altogether. Same goes for drugs, except I've never done them & never will! If you knew my dad's family history, you'd understand why I'm so strict on this. They are all junkies in these categories, so I'm 100% considering them NOT my family.

    I've drank before, once & got drunk. It was an interesting experience, but after that night, I said to myself, "Why do people get a kick out of this & WHY does the drink taste that nasty & they still enjoy it?" This was back in April earlier this year. Never touched another alcohol since but its not really my thing of interest. I can party without it. And will stick to that.
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