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Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
There is always the possibility of them doing something completely new.

So for all we know they could do remakes, but still add new pokemon... interestingly I just realised this would actually erase the obligation to add another set of starters for the first time while introducing new pokemon! Since the starters would be the good old Hoenn ones.
That's sounds like a cool idea. But how would they do could you elaborate? Would these new pokemon be evolutions of older ones? How would the game explains why there are all of a sudden new pokemon?
Actually since remakes story lines takes priority over the original ones we technically never been to the hoen region . So the pokemon in the hoen dex now could just be pokemon that made it to other regions there can be plenty of pokemon in the hoen remake that nobody's ever seen before.

That's actually a pretty good idea. The. They could just make an download and play program so we can transfer those pokemon to our older games ( or maybe make it so you need a 3ds app to transfer those pokemon to older games ( Only BW2 th o) )therefore you can sell the games to every one who has a DS, DSI and 3ds ( which will make more money than them just selling it to those with the 3ds) but still giving an awesome new feature for those buys a 3ds( which promotes 3ds sales without alienating anyone)
Of course they would have to do something for random matchup so games without the data can still battle.

But good idea tho