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    Welcome to the Ground type club for ground type fanatics everywhere! Come on in and make yourself comfortable! Now, lets get down to business.


    -All the PC and PC club rules apply
    -Choose one pokemon upon joining
    -No spamming or stuff of that sort. If you feel the need to spam, we will warn you. If you decide to keep it up, we will give you another warning. One more time and you are out.
    -Please please please stay active! If you are absent for a month unexcused, we will have to drop you from the club. Feel free to sign up again but you will not have any positions/points/achievements/partner pokemon that you previously had. You can reclaim your partner pokemon if no one else has chosen it.
    -If you know you will be absent for a while, please tell us.
    -Only one person can have one pokemon. If we run out of pokemon we will make an exception.


    Partner Pokemon (only one)-
    Why do you want to join?-

    Points system (keeping it simple)-

    +1 point for each constructive post on this thread
    +3 points for referring a member to this club (they must say that you referred them when they sign up)
    +2 points for joining
    +2 points for answering the topic question
    -1 for spamming or anything of that nature on this thread

    Pokemon that are not available-


    1. Sandshrew4 +16 points
    2. Couragehound +12 points
    3. NuOmicronmu +8 points
    (Tie) Umbr30n +8 points
    4. Alexozzycake +5 points
    (tie) Aryan143 +5 points
    (tie) Rainbow Arcanine +5 points
    5. Seraphimon-sama +3 points
    (Tie) Melissaaxo +3 points


    Leader (sorry, only one leader) [name will be bolded]
    The leader has the ability to edit the first post (duh), boot members from the team, approve topic questions and hand out warnings.
    Co-leader(s)- get at least 30 points, come up with two approved topic questions and refer 2 members (2 slots open) [name will be underlined]
    Co-leaders have the ability to hand out warnings and approve topic questions.
    Advanced member- get 20 points, come up with one approved topic question and refer one member [name will be italicized]
    Advanced members get bragging rights.
    Member- Join

    Topic of the week

    If you could create your ideal ground type what would it be like?

    Previous topics
    -What is your favorite ground type move and why?
    -If you could take your partner pokemon anywhere, where would you take it?
    -What is your favorite ground type pokemon and why?

    Who's that Pokemon?
    You get +2 points if you are the first to guess it right and +0 points if you get it wrong. Anyone can post a "who's that pokemon" contest but only one at a time. Also the person who submits the contest cannot answer. One try per person.
    This pokemon can have the ability Rock Head. It is around 3 feet and is known to tap out messages to communicate with others of its species.
    It lives in cold water, half burying itself in mud at the bottom to sleep.
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