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    Welcome to the club, roosterman and Hovde!

    Congrats on the shiny Snivy and Yamask, Keruso!

    Congrats on the shiny Ferroseed(?), miloticfan54! Your picture isn't working.

    This week's random hunt is... Hoppip! Sorry for being a day late.

    I woke up yesterday morning and decided to buy Black 2 after church. The Vikings game was moved from noon to 3:20, which gave me enough time to buy it and play it for awhile. On Saturday I was still planning on skipping it. A big reason I decided to get it in the end is because it gives me another option for hunting for this club. I also wanted to get Genesect. I won't be MMing much if at all while I go through the story on Black 2. I'm moving very slowly through the story. I don't have my first badge yet. My starter is Snivy again. The story is very different compared to B/W. I also bought the Dream Radar and caught a couple of Pokémon on it, Munna and Drifloon. After I finish the story I will probably trade my Japanese Ditto and Litwick to it to continue MMing there with plenty of box room to work with.
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