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    Tetsu looked down in awe at the girl as she gracefully made her way to the top of the tree, amazed at how easily she could do so without teleporting, and even more so at how she could merge and un-merge with her pokespirit at will, something he had never figured out how to do. As she jumped back down, he quickly began flipping through the old journal in search of a picture of her pokespirit.

    Before he actually found it, however, he overheard the pokespirit wielder explain to the girl he had met earlier that she had two pokespirits inside her already. Unsure as to how anyone could forget that, he went ahead and teleported back down from the tree, this time landing directly in adjacent to spark, staring at her curiously.

    "Two Pokespirits.....And you couldn't remember? How could you forget?! Mt. Coronet was INCREDIBLE. There was a flash of light, and I started to change, and there was that cool stone-thingy carved by the god-pokemon......And how can you handle THREE people in one body? Doesn't it make your head hurt? Just sharing my head with Ralts confuses me sometimes.....But Another one? How could you forget that?!?! Ralts talks to me all the time! Did you hit your head or something?"

    At that, he then proceeded to begin rather roughly patting the girl on the head with his right hand, every few seconds saying "Reeeeeeemmmmmeeeeeeeeemmmmmberrrrrrrrrrrrr"
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