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I'm playing Pokemon Black 2...And since, I've just basically started; 1 badge...I haven't gotten alotta Pokemon...or planned my roster; well, for da most part...I haven't figure out what I'm surfing on yet. LOL

Anyways, my team, currently making my way to the 2nd gym.
Lv 15 Tepig (I like it new animation...sniff dat air Tepig...sniff dat air)
Lv 14 Sewaddle (The shining star against Cheren; Bug Bite kick ass)
Lv 13 Lillipup (Currently next to be leveled up. It powerful too. Bite flinches alot)

Once I reach the complex/factory thingy...I'm gonna catch and train a Koffing; it'll be my fourth party member, obviously.

Like I said, I haven't figured out my last two: A flying and a water type is what I'm most likely looking for. And I don't want a Ducklet. LOL
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