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    Tetsu stopped in his tracks as Aria suddenly yelled out at him, unsure as to what he was doing wrong. A confused expression crossing his face as she pulled him aside, he listened carefully as she began to speak, his mood dropping as she explained to him what had occurred with Spark and he began to release how much of a danger she was. Feeling the surge of sorrow radiating from her, he nodded as she ended her lecture and stepped away.

    It only took moments for his cheerful mood to re-ignite and he instantly jumped back to the journal, popping it open and surfing the pages in the hopes of finding an image of Minun and Plusle, though due to the limited nature of the book, he failed to do so. Storing the book, he then heard the call to leave town and began to follow, electing to run as opposed to teleporting, hoping to conserve energy now that he knew the danger he may have to face, which could come seemingly out of nowhere. Unsure as to what he should do, he elected to consult with Ralts.

    Tetsu:......She could hurt people.....But is it right to make her forget like this? She can't remember who she was! She's making her someone she's not!

    Ralts:.....Sure, it hurts her....But from what her friend said, she would hurt many people if she remembered. We should do what she said and keep quiet.


    And at this, he left it, his new secret-to-keep weighing heavily upon his mind.
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