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Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
I haven't been here long enough to remark on the activity of these, but seeing as I've managed forums before...

It may seem like it makes more sense to combine them, especially given how having fewer forums on the entire board makes the site look cleaner, but if there are too many topics in any one forum, it could be harder to navigate if you're looking for a specific topic from three days ago or something. I'm presuming this is why they were split the way they are now.

One idea is to make the Japanese Entertainment a sub-board of General Entertainment, which could give the best of both worlds. Just a suggestion!
I think you should take a look at the two forums. This would hardly be much of a problem, because these days neither of those forums are terribly active. I would understand if this was something like Other Voting Polls and Other Chat & Discussions because those are really active forums, but these forums hardly have the activity that would make it confusing to navigate if they were combined. Both of them are inactive to a degree, especially compared to how they used to be. Besides, it would also condense the amount of claim threads there are in the forums. Japanese Entertainment has it's own claims thread for every single claim not related to Pokémon while everything is in another. What's wrong with just one claim thread, containing any type of entertainment from any part of the world? I just don't see why Japanese Entertainment needs it's own forum these days. The favoritism for that forum is beyond ridiculous.
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