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    Jerome stared down the familiar streets from his past they looked to be in worse condition than they had been when he had last left them. Jerome began walking forward, not even thinking about how he had gotten there Walking over some rubble that had fallen from the building to his right Jerome looked up for the first time. All the tops of the buildings seemed destroyed and in fact it looked like there had been a war there. Taking a deep breath Jerome almost gagged on the smell of filth, waste, and he swore he also caught a hint of rotting flesh in that whiff too. All of a sudden he heard a violent scream of pain and misery. Jerome instantly recognized the voice and it sent chills down his spine. He started running in the direction of the voice, and he passed through the ruins of several buildings until he burst through a set of doors, the screams were definitely coming from behind it…

    Jerome suddenly woke up as his body shook violently as it glowed purple. Looking over to his right, while a cold sweat dripped from his brow, Jerome looked directly at Skyna who standing right there next to him on the bed while she used her Psychic abilities to shake him awake. “Rallllll?” asked a voice that Jerome could only describe as a ghostly. It was much like a young girl’s voice but it had a wispy sound with a slight hint of something almost peaceful about it. The Ralts seemed concerned as it looked at Jerome with bright fiery orange eyes from behind her sky blue hair. After looking at Skyna for a second Jerome said, “Just a nightmare… don’t worry about it.” He sat up as he thought about the nightmare for a second before looking back at his Ralts, who seemed to be very concerned about her new master. Jerome didn’t realize that the Ralts could feel his emotions both when he was awake and when he was asleep, and it trusted his feelings more than his words.

    Trying to change the subject, Jerome said to the Ralts with a calm voice,
    “We need to get you a haircut or something… that bowl cut looks hideous.” This took the Ralts off guard both in the subject matter, and how fast the human seemed to mostly suppress his feelings from the nightmare.

    “Raaa?” asked the Ralts as she ran her hand through her hair. While the Ralts was distracted with her own hair, Jerome then looked around the room for the first time and noticed his Torchic was asleep on the couch while random items were thrown all across the room. The TV was now on the floor screen facing the roof, the bedside lamp was where the TV was, there was a cup on one of the fan’s blades, and various other forms of randomness.

    “What happened here?” muttered Jerome as he got up and started to put things back where they belonged.

    The Ralts made some noise while blushing a little indicating she had done this. Jerome looked at her for a second with a lifted eyebrow before shrugging and getting up so he could correct the room. The Ralts had been practicing her abilities by moving stuff around, and had gotten a little carried away. Instead of putting stuff back she had just grabbed something else with her Psychic abilities and moved it somewhere new. The Ralts started to help with putting things back using her Psychic abilities to move things around after Jerome had already moved the lamp and TV back in their proper positions.

    After correcting the room for the most part Jerome left with his Pokemon and checked out of the “hotel.” Bracing the back of his head with his hands so his elbows were sticking out either side of his head Jerome walked toward the outskirts of the town. He happened to pass by the Pokemon Gym and some well dressed man noticed him and walked up to Jerome.

    “Sir, you should try to challenge Norman the Gym leader here,” said the man.

    “Why should I?” asked Jerome lifting an eyebrow.

    “Well don’t you want to be a pokemon master?” asked the man with a smile.

    “Nope,” replied Jerome in a cool tone.

    “Um… well… you should challenge him… you know to see how a real trainer raises their Pokemon. You never know it might inspire you to greatness,” replied the man trying to convince the young man to battle the town’s gym.

    “Not interested,” replied Jerome starting to get irritated at the man. Skyna saw this as a chance to once prove herself and she pulled on Jerome’s pants and motioned toward the Gym.

    “You want to battle?” asked Jerome lifting an eyebrow at his Ralts as she nodded.

    “That is the spirit little one!” said the man smiling at the Ralts.

    “Fine we’ll battle him,” muttered Jerome as he walked toward the gym. Skyna was nervous but ready to prove herself. As they entered the gym a girl holding an egg walked out. Jerome almost ran into her as he entered, but he was able to quickly change direction and move out of her way.
    Once inside the Gym Jerome looked around. It looked like the inside of one of those martial art schools, but the massive room that made up the middle was a good deal larger than your traditional dojo. Also the wooden floor looked much newer than most of the building, likely from being replaced after an intense battle.

    “Wow another challenger already! Good to see so many new trainers trying to make their mark,” said the man who had to be in his forties. He then looked at Jerome’s Pokemon and said, “So which one will I be fighting today?”
    Jerome didn’t need to answer as his Ralts walked up to the gym floor and looked ready to battle. Norman smiled at the Ralts and he looked at his own Pokeball for a second before releasing his Slaking. He hadn’t had time to heal his Pokemon but he knew it wouldn’t matter for this fight. Seeing the much larger Pokemon made Jerome nervous as he looked down at his Ralts, who stood her ground.

    In reality the vastly stronger Slaking terrified Skyna, but she wasn’t going to let her fear control her this time. Suddenly her master spoke in a whisper, “Ok Skyna… this battle avoid getting hit at all costs… hit when you can but focus on not getting hit by that thing.” She nodded and focused a little making a double of herself out of Psychic energy. Both her and the double glowed a little and moved toward the Slaking on little legs. Both Skyna and her clone motioned toward a nearby water bucket. The bucket glowed and then flew at the Slaking, hitting it in the head and splashing dirty soapy water all over the lazy Pokemon’s face.

    The Slaking decided to pay attention to the small Pokemon after that and darted at her suddenly. The Slaking swiped at one of the Skynas, but his massive paw only hit thin air and the illusion that was standing there. The illusion was destroyed by the attack but Skyna was unharmed. The Slaking then lay back down as if the one attack had been extremely exhausting. Skyna, excided by how well her clone worked, summoned up another one. She then picked up the mop with her psychic energy and slung it at the Slaking. Guiding the wooden missile, Skyna managed to hit the Slaking in the left eye.
    The Slaking roared in pain and suddenly decided this pest had to go. Skyna started to move herself and her clone around as the angry Slaking stood up and looked at Skyna and her clone. Instead of directly attacking the Ralts, the Slaking pounded the floor with his massive paws, causing the floorboards to vibrate and burst upward. The fake Skyna was unaffected by the moving floor, but the real Skyna was taken completely off guard and was knocked down. The Slaking then shot over to the stunned Skyna, grabbed her and slammed her against the ground in front of him. The Slaking then lifted both arms to finish off his faint attack with a massive two handed slam finish.
    Skyna was in pain and tried to hold off the coming attack with her psychic energy as she began to cry in fear. The massive fists came down and Skyna closed her eyes and braced for the devastating attack. Just as she was about to be clobbered she felt herself being sucked into her Pokeball.

    Jerome let out a sigh and said, “You win I have no desire to see Skyna get beat into the ground by your Pokemon, and it is pretty clear my Ralts was outmatched from the start.”

    Norman nodded and said, “It was a noble effort… you should come back when your Pokemon are stronger.”

    “I doubt I will… I have no interest in badges,” said Jerome as he turned to leave. Jerome nudged his sleeping Torchic with his toe to wake him up as he left the gym, keeping his Ralts in her Pokeball for the time being.
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