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Dude you're mistaken, I'm Sandshrew's number one fan D;

Name- AlexOzzyCake
Partner Pokemon (only one)- My favourite Pokémon of all time is Sandshrew and always has been, but as that's already taken I guess I'll go with Sandslash... *cries*
Why do you want to join?- SANDSHREWWW <3 I absolutely adore Ground types, namely all the cute ones rivalling all the big toughies like Excadrill! My favourite Pokémon has always been Sandshrew ever since I first saw it so that somewhat send the trend for me on liking Ground types - there's always been at least one from each generation that I've absolutely fell in love with. They're such a diverse range of Pokémon with hundreds of individual quirks and unique features, it makes for some very fun Pokémon to use in battle.

What is your favourite ground type Pokémon and why?
Without a shadow of a doubt, it's Sandshrew. It's such an amazingly designed Pokémon with so many interesting features and unique concepts, plus it was the first Pokémon I ever caught in Yellow (bar Pikachu) and it's the first one I trained to level 100. Its design is amazing with the intricate brickwork pattern of its scales, the adorable stubby arms and those beautiful eyes. It has countless interesting moves and stats to try out like attempting to bulk it up with Swords Dance and smash the enemy down with Poison Jab or Earthquake, and all the while it remains cute as a button! Also in the anime with AJ's Sandshrew, that was just 100% badass. His Sandshrew really proved that it's a Pokémon with huge potential and should never be underestimated for a second! It's evolution is also wonderful as Sandslash is a beast in the battlefield and looks insanely cool - the only thing I don't like about Sandshrew is it's shiny colour. The green really isn't as nice as the original colour :( Sandslash's awesome shiny palette makes up for it though!