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    You're in! Thank you for joining!
    To answer the topic question,
    What is your favorite ground type pokemon and why?-
    Well its Sandshrew of course! As for why, there are three reasons. First- One day I was bored to death so I took my sisters pokemon handbook and decided to figure out my absolute favorite pokemon. How whould I do this? Just sit there and stare at them. Im not even joking. For about an hour I would stare at a pokemon, then turn the page. And thus, Sandhrew became my favorite pokemon. Second reason- When I was getting far in my heartgold, and I wasnt completley obsessed with Sandshrew, I had a sandshrew in my game. So I battled with it and it was evolving. I dont know why I didnt want it to evolve but i didnt. So I pressed B, gave it an everstone, and its at like level 70 now. Third reason- Look at it! Its so cute, cool, tough, awesome, everything! It can learn some pretty good moves too! So that is why I like sandshrew!!
    I like Sandshrews. A lot. I am Sandshrews number 1 fan. And don't you deny it.
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