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    Some good points, but none of them override reality, not everyone who can fight is a dumb jock who you could trick into punching themselves in the head. That's far from the case, most martial artists are extremely educated. Fighting should have naturally lower accuracy against psychic types but still deal 2x damage, I'm hoping they'll add something like that in the next generation as mechanics improve. Fighting Pokémon should have a tough time hitting a Psychic type, but when they do they should deal huge damage, and not just through high attack vs low defence, but through type advantage too. Either that or make it regular damage rather than 1/2x.

    Also, no fighting Pokémon uses brute force except maybe Conkeldurr and Embaor. Medicham, Machamp, Hitmonlee/chan, Hariyama, Lucario, Mienshao etc. are all technical fighters. Fighting type moves are also very technical, with the exception of Rock Smash, every fighting move uses technique (i.e Focus Punch, Karate Chop, Vital Throw, Submission). As for Fighting dealing 2x damage against Normal, I think comes from reality, where a highly trained fighter would easily handle an average Joe, and normal types kind of constitute as the average Joe Pokémon.
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