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    Originally Posted by Gold011 View Post
    wow, a new release, but does this mean that i have to start over again?, and if possible, how do i apply all of the new changes?, there is a patch that covers all?, i mean, the general, gb player, wardrobe, catch 'em all and extras in one patch?
    I don't think this will cause any conflicts. My previous releases had flag conflicts (they were actually using trainer flags before), but I fixed that for this one. If anything, this would make the new release more compatible all around! I sure didn't run into any issues with past saves, so you shouldn't either. If you, or anyone else, notices something strange, please let me know!

    As for the patches themselves, just apply them in any order you want. I keep them separate so people can pick and choose what they want in their own version of the game. Some people might want a clean ROM experience with just the GB Player, or maybe they want everything except the "forced" Pokémon locations from the Catch 'em All patch. If there's enough demand for an all-in-one patch, though, I guess I can make one.
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