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    Naivete is definitely something that goes hand in hand with nostalgia, and kids today would find Red and Blue unplayable due to the blobby graphics and lack of color. It's all a part of perception and when you were first exposed to it.

    However, the franchise is indeed going downhill. Although there have been improvements with storyline, graphics, and legendary integration, the pinncale of the series was, surprisingly to many, Pokemon Emerald.

    I still believe that Crystal is the best game in the series, especially considering how it expanded so much from the games before it. 251 Pokemon in the Dex, two regions, sixteen badges, good game design, and everything we needed to kill 70 hours of our lives with.

    Emerald built upon Crystal - Ruby and Sapphire, having introduced abilities, natures, and double battles in addition to a new region made a big difference in expansion of the gameplay. Emerald went even further and made a crazier story with two villain teams battling each other and things really going wild at times. Although there were a few instances of bad game design in RSE - backtracking to Petalburg, losing to Norman, back-backtracking to train against wild Pokemon ten levels below yours, then back-back-backtracking to potentially lose to Norman again; there's also the expansive sea routes which can exhaust your Repel supply whilst exploring.

    Gen IV didn't really build upon anything and was instead a DS version of what was before. The physical/special split was nice and all, but it wasn't a completely new addition because it hardly changed gameplay, it just changed which attacks were feasible for which Pokemon to use. DP were horrific with the slow game engine, the lack of ANY plot, few fire-types, bad dungeons, and many other sporadic issues. Platinum thankfully fixed most of them, but if they release a beta to fix everything with it like they did there, then the series is obviously going downhill. Also, given designs like Klink, Cohagrigus, Alomomola, Gurdurr, and plenty of other Unova Pokemon, it's clear that they're running out of ideas for Pokemon design. It shows.

    My point here is really that they haven't done much of anything new with Pokemon since Gen 3 (as triple and rotation battles were so rarely used, I don't count them); it's because of this lack of newness that makes it harder for one to look forward to new Pokemon games in modernity; back with Crystal, we eagerly awaited Gen 3 because Crystal was such a huge expansion and we expected even more down the line - we got it in Gen 3 with all kinds of improvements. That was in like 2003. It's been almost ten years. BW2 have minor details added to enhance the overall gameplay experience, but the horrific character design (especially after Hilbert and Hilda were great) and few new gameplay elements make me question how long the series has left UNLESS they decide to go in a different direction.

    The series is going downhill. Pokemon just isn't fun like it used to be because we've played it to death and GameFreak can't offer us anything new except for new Pokemon and a new region. Other RPG series always find ways to tweak their battle systems in every game. Why can't Pokemon do that?
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