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    I hope people realize this is supposed to be a parody and nothing serious or promoting whatsoever. (And thus, it's legal.) With Pokemon Black/White 2 being the big thing this week, and PETA being the attention seekers they adore to be, it's not surprising they'd go with Pokemon.

    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    That game looks scarier than what they make the real games out to be... -continues playing White 2-
    Looks pretty hilarious to me. I like the art style, it fits the parody theme and amusingly enough, nicer to look at and not as dull as Pokemon B/W2 itself. Although, purely judging from all the screen shots I saw, the writing is terrible, but it's to be expected considering it's the same with all Pokemon games, regardless if it was intentional or not.

    I liked their 3D Land parody, it was fun. Interestingly enough, 3D Land ended up being my GOTY when I got it shortly after haha. Whoever develops their games is pretty good, as much of a joke as they are.
    Haven't really tried this due to my uttermost loathing towards the franchise though for the present, can't stand looking at anything Pokemon related until I recover.

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