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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
@imevil: Hmmm... two things. Your character requires a name, unless you give proper justification for him not having one in his history. D; The other thing is that pokemon do not simply "join" someone's team. I'm going to need to request an appropriate and fitting explanation of why such an unusual thing happened if you plan on going that route, else you could simply have him catch his pokemon like a normal trainer.
Alright Ill fix the "JOIN" thing, but is the gift ok. Because in games you are usually gifted your first pokemon. And I read nickname as character name for some reson.
And IK i should have elaborated this, but the Scyther was abused and he was the first "kind" human towards him, Scyther felt love for him and joined him... if that's k for you
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