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    (I highly recommend listening while you read/write on this RP)


    Evil Sorcerer and Newfound God

    The four heroes find themselves trapped within the Void, a blank white world of nothingness between dimensions. They float uncontrollably through it until a long tear rips through the whiteness and all four are soon sucked through. The catastrophic force of "gravity" along with the stress of dimensional travel leaves the group unconscious for about five minutes.

    When they wake, they find that they are trapped, pinned against a wall with a ten foot drop to the ground below. Indestructible bars line them along the wall, side by side, and the only thing that could free them is a lever on another wall. The evil sorcerer Vaati is busy disposing of each of the heroes' weapons, equipment, heart containers, rupees, and all items that once belonged to them. These items soon met a pit of darkness, never to be seen again.

    Vaati laughs a wicked laugh as he presses a few buttons on a machine. The machine is connected to a cylindrical glass container, glowing brightly in a yellow shade. A multitude of beams matching the cylinder's color hit each of the heroes directly in the center of their bodies, and begin to drain the triforce from them. It is a slow and painful process, and causes a loss of energy and a feeling of weakness. All they can do is watch as this machine steals away the power granted to them by the Gods. If they examine the opposite wall, they find the prince/princess of their own dimensions, already drained of their power and looking exhausted, equally trapped.

    As the four heroes await their demise, all they can do is view the room around them, each other, and wait fro the end to come.

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