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Hey guys -- I've caught two Eevees and am trying to decide which will make a better Umbreon for my Elite 4 team. I just want to know which Eevee will be a better Umbreon. I'm out of luxury balls, so I really don't want to have to try catching more Eevees at this point...

These values are from the Marriland calculator.

Eevee #1 (Zagaato)
HP : 29
Atk: 0
Def: 0, 2, 4
SAt: 5, 7, 9
SDf: 18, 20, 22
Spd: 18, 20
--AVG: 11.8462

Eevee #2 (Crowley)
HP : 7 - 12
Atk: 20
Def: 12 - 16
SAt: 16 - 19
SDf: 4 - 6
Spd: 18 - 20
--AVG: 13.1429

Obviously, Zagaato's SDef is great for Umbreon, but his other IVs are so atrocious that I worry he would be totally ineffectual. Crowley has some nice all-around IVs, but his SDef is terrible.

For in-game and friendly play, what do you think of these two? Will vitamins and Umby's post-evo stat changes be enough to make up for Crowley's stats? Would Zagaato be not so bad? (That 0 in attack terrifies me, as he will be my Crunch-er.) Should I just get my boyfriend to trade me his luxury balls and try again?