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    Natural Harmonia Gropius

    It was as he feared. That attack had damaged her hearing. Hopefully it wouldn't be permanent and make the girl walk around with a hearing aide for the rest of her life. He walked over to his desk, picked up a piece of paper and and a pencil, wrote a message down, and held the message in front of Olivia for her to read.

    Call Buneary back to the Pokeball. I'm calling a nurse down here to come get you. Can you stand?

    N pulled out his X Transeiver and dialed the number for the Nurse. "Hello? This is N in Battle room 305. One of the students was hit by a hyper voice from her own pokemon. Her hearing is damaged and she has some energy damage as well. May as well bring a stretcher."

    Eventually a Nurse along with two Chanseys with a stretcher arrived for Olivia to help carry her and her buneary (depending on whether or not Olivia called her pokemon back to her pokeball or not) off to the Nurse's office.

    N stood there a few seconds silently as he looked at the rest of the class after Olivia left. He no longer had the same joy and optimism he had earlier. He was very serious, melancholy, and even sad. "I hope you all learned a lesson from what we just witness happened to that poor girl. It's very dangerous when a human trainer and a pokemon can't communicate well or cooperate with each other. Either side could get hurt, not just in a pokemon battle, but even while training or even under the most normal of circumstances. Both Pokemon and humans rely on each other in more ways than you can possibly imagine. When a bond is in danger of breaking, such an incident like what we just saw could occur."

    He let out a sigh and looked back at everyone. "How about we try this again. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of what just occurred."

    He reached his hand up and pointed his finger to the class as he searched through the remaining less than a dozen students in the class room. Eventually he stopped on Lincoln. "You. Please come up to the front of the class."

    Takumi Ryuuhiko

    Takumi looked at Elizabeth with a very subtle hint of surprise on his face. He calmly replied to her, "I must admit, that is a rather interesting question you've chosen to ask me. Why do you wish to know?"

    His psychic abilities didn't work on her mind, that much he knew. This made her one of the few people Takumi could talk with that could ever give Takumi the idea that he was talking with another human being on equal terms and without having a special psychic gift that made him unique to others, even sense a person's intent if he wanted to, and help him better identify where the conversation would be going.

    The thing was though, just how was it possible for her mind to block out his powers? She didn't seem to him like a more powerful Psychic trainer. Was it some kind of magic or Alchemy or charm that made it possible for her to block off people from entering her mind?

    And even then, Takumi realized that it may also be possible that whatever she was doing to block him out could've been also used to look into him. To see his desires and the burden he's been carrying for years.

    Whether she replied to his question or not, he still would at least reply to her question.

    "I am out to correct the horrible wrongs of a select few cowardly fools I've had to deal with in my life. To keep them from being able to repeat the same dishonor and pain they gave me from being applied to another one with my...unique qualities. The first step to doing so, however, will require myself and my pokemon allies to become strong enough to clear the Lugia Dorm of the ghost pokemon that haunted it years ago, and to reinstate the Lugia Dorm. I will do what the headmaster of this academy couldn't do. After that, I will face my true enemies."

    That was not the whole story, let alone should it even answer what caused him to think or act this way. But it was still a good enough explanation to him.
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