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Kalie and the others had decided to camp for the night, they were sitting around the fire but she had gone to bed early. She sorted through her past, everything that she could remember. She held out a doll, "Hey Kalie, how are you." She said in a high pitched voice and shaking the doll, "I'm good, and the people are taking me to the mountain for a spirit." She spoke as the doll again, "Those people are so nice, but they can't help you." She choked on the last words, beginning to cry. She put the doll down and silently cried herself to sleep.

Kalie was walking with her mother, she felt hungry and scared so she held her mothers hand tighter. "Mom I'm hungry, we are going to eat today right." Her mother picked her up and rubbed her head, then hugged her but said nothing. She carried Kalie down the broken road.

The dream skipped forward, Kalie was standing over the body of her father, her mother's hand rested on her shoulder. Kalie cried as she placed a purple flower on her fathers chest, tears streaming down her face. "Mom I'm sad, I won't be sad anymore right?" Her mother looked sadly down at Kalie and hugged her, too skinny and weak to pick her up, again saying nothing.

The dream skipped again this time there was nobody walking down the street with Kalie, she walked to the grave of her father but didn't feel the weight on her should as she had before. She continued on the road until she was outside the city, all she could see was a sign where "Children's City" had been scrawled. The boy who had "liberated" her was in control, having taken the city and a kind soul. This time there were no tears, Kalie stood anger replacing the sadness and despair she had felt the day he had killed her mom. "Mom I'm angry, and I'll be strong enough to kill the tyrant." This time she wasn't asking, she wasn't helpless.
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