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    Lauren's Log

    I woke up at about noon and immediately entered Union Cave, the cave that stood between me and my next Gym Badge. I took a deep breath, as the cave looked slightly scary, and then went inside. I don't want to talk about it much, as the cave was swarmed by Zubats, and ugly Rock-type Pokémon that looked at me as if they wanted to kill me. I remember one of them was a giant snake, and others were just boulders with a face. Also, some of the trainers there used Pokémon like Koffing... As I found the exit, I thought that I seriously had to overcome this fear of mine.

    Outside of the cave, Quilava frowned at me, since for some reason it was raining. I thought it was odd, since the sky was clear on the other side, but I returned her inside the Pokéball so that she wouldn't suffer anymore. I released Togepi from her ball and held her in my arms. She looked playful, and broke free, making me chase her around the zone while she giggled. Eventually, when I caught her, a Hiker challenged me, and I used Togepi to battle. She used the same weird powers she used on the Gastlys the day before to defeat him, and once he was done, I moved on to Azalea Town.

    I couldn't help but notice a man, probably in his late forties, being harassed by a thug dressed in black. He said he was aprt of Team Rocket, and that they had not disbanded. I remember hearing about them causing trouble in Kanto three years ago, and that they suddenly disappeared. I shook my head, and the man ran away, the thug blocked the entrance to a well, and I ignored it and moved on to town.

    As I made my way to the Pokémon center, I overheard people talking about Slowpokes having disappeared, and that their tails were being sold for a lot of money. Yuck. Reminded me of that guy who tried to sell me a Slowpoketail back on Route 32 for a ridiculous amount of money, which I obviously didn't have.

    Anyway, after healing my Pokémon, I took a walk around town. I wanted to go to the Gym, but another thug dressed in black was blocking my way, and that's when I decided it was personal. That was it. Team Rocket was going down.

    The man who was being harassed earlier today told me about a tough guy named Kurt, so I looked for his house. I entered, and I saw an elderly man with a little girl. The man introduced himself as Kurt, and explained me little about Team Rocket. Then, out of nowhere, he said he would teach them a lesson in pain and ran off, leaving the little girl all alone in the house. Not really caring about her, I ran off towards the well, as he knew they were there. The thug guarding it was gone, and I was able to climb down this well. Doing it gave me fright, but, if I wanted my badge, then it had to be done.

    (Note: Next ones will be coming with little titles.)

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