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Originally Posted by Sandshrew4 View Post
The TV show- The TV show has gotten so bad I cant stand to watch it anymore! Its so cheesy and lame and ugh! I love the show up to about sinnoh were it was decent. BW just stunk.
Conclusion- Old>>>>New

The video games- The quality, graphics and all that stuff have gotten better but BW was really easy and the pokemon are lame. I also love the original games just because i like dem bad graphics.
Conclusion- Old>>New

The TCG- I like the new dragon types but other than that the old and the new are about the same.
Conclusion- Old=New

The pokemon themselves- Ugh. A chandelier, an ice cream cone, a garbage bag? What is happening!? The old pokemon had a magical creative touch to them and the new ones just seem like the people making them either pick a random animal or spin in a circle and see what they end up facing and BAM. New pokemon.
Conclusion- Old>>>New

Conclusion of the conclusions- Old>>>New
I don't get why so many people like the original anime so much. Everything is so contrived and silly, and the characters had so little growth, it was ridiculous.

B/W is harder then any of the other Gens aside from Gen 3 honestly. Gen 3 is the only other Gen I've found as even slightly challenging. Gen 1&2 are jokes as challenges.

TCG I don't care about.

You seem to be mistaken. Gen 1 was were the majority of Pokemon were just random animals. Then again, I guess a LIVING POKEBALL!, a pile of sludge then a bigger pile of sludge, various animals, and such are the epitome of creativity.
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