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I started the game, did all of the opening stuff, and chose Snivy as my starter. I defeated Hugh, my rival, and traveled through Route 19, Floccesy Town, Route 20, and Floccesy Ranch. I saved the Ranch owner's Herdier and caught an Azurill. I then went back to Aspertia Town and defeated Cheren. I traveled to Virbank City, caught a Magnemite in the complex, then defeated Roxie. Then I did the PokeStar Studio quest, before chasing Team Plasma to Castelia. I did everything Castelia had to offer, then went into the Sewers. While there, I visited the Garden and caught an Eevee fairly quickly. Next, I rode my bike for about 15 minutes so I could evolve Eevee and Azurill. I evolved Azurill into Marill then Azumarill, and evolved Eevee into Espeon. Right now I'm trying to catch a Sandile with Moxie and training my entire team to level 25 before taking on Burgh.
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