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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
To be fair, The general rule in gaming, is you can't harm the children. Which makes every single pokémon trainer main character invincible.

And in my eyes, Freezing em alive and killing them would have the same outcome.
EDIT: Also, unless you speak and read fluent japanese, do you really know what ghetsis said, and if he was trying to kill you, or still freeze?
It's possible that they might have been trying to give the impression that it's "temporary freezing that can be undone by the tears of poor Pokémon to bring you back". You know, just like in the Pokémon movies! *facepalm*

Or, they might have translated it so that little kids interpret it that way, while older players take it more seriously and know how lethal it is. I wish we had an interview of some kind where we could find out what they intended when they translated it...

It's also possible that they bowdlerized it just to prevent the games from getting an E10+ rating, anyone think of that?
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