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    Last games I finished recently were Tales Of Vesperia, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age Origins in that order. Thought it would take forever to get to Duke on Vesperia but alas I found him after a 3 hour manhunt through Tarqaron and a 2 to 4 hour fight with his second form which was considerably tough to say the least. Dragon Age 2 felt like The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air in midieval times tbh but I had fun sticking it to the templars and their nutjob leader Meredith at the end. With Origins it was mostly straight forward Darkspawn squashing until I got to Urthemiel and his ocean of followers, everyone on my team but my character Magus ended up dying to the Darkspawn horde that protected the Archdemon by the 2nd hour or so, thankfully by the time the Archdemon was almost dead I had a tiny enough sliver of health left to use a Fireball spell with my Blood Magic active leaving me with barely any health left at all but the blast ended up killing the demonic dragon and saving Ferelden from the Blight before it even truly began lol.
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