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    Interesting how many people use Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook...its common so I figured it'd be worth typing out the whole x)

    1) NASCAR
    2) A site to watch Smallville
    3) Another site to watch Smallville
    4) WB site to watch Smallville
    5) Site to watch the Mentalist(Same site as the first Smallville one)
    6) Site to watch Castle (Same as above)
    7) Another site to watch Leverage
    9) MAL/MyAnimeList
    10) MarioWiki
    11) Metroid Site
    12) Animemovie
    13) An Anime Dub site
    14) Another Anime Dub site
    15) An Anime site
    16) Pokemon Black/White 2 Sprites
    17) Free Online Image Editor
    18) Pixlr
    19) IRC
    20) UECmovies (Movie theater)
    21) Photobucket

    Every now & then I'll bookmark something to come back to a day later or so after searching & remove it when finished. Like searching page after page on Tumblr or something.
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