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    I still believe that Crystal is the best game in the series, especially considering how it expanded so much from the games before it. 251 Pokemon in the Dex, two regions, sixteen badges, good game design, and everything we needed to kill 70 hours of our lives with.
    Not to mention, the awesome way they had a ridiculously easy level curve, and that instead of just an awesome new region, they just had two watered-down ones, one of which had already been used in the previous generation.

    Although there were a few instances of bad game design in RSE - backtracking to Petalburg, losing to Norman, back-backtracking to train against wild Pokemon ten levels below yours, then back-back-backtracking to potentially lose to Norman again; there's also the expansive sea routes which can exhaust your Repel supply whilst exploring.
    Wait, what. You're just assuming that, A) Everyone lost to Norman on their first try, and B) No one ever healed up at the Pokemon Center in Petalburg? As for the expansive sea routes, repels aren't exactly expensive. Not at all, at that point in the game, you can easily afford 50+ while still having enough for Pokeballs and healing items and whatnot. Repels aren't exhausted so quickly as you seem to think they are.

    Gen IV didn't really build upon anything and was instead a DS version of what was before. The physical/special split was nice and all, but it wasn't a completely new addition because it hardly changed gameplay, it just changed which attacks were feasible for which Pokemon to use. DP were horrific with the slow game engine, the lack of ANY plot, few fire-types, bad dungeons, and many other sporadic issues.
    Agreed, except for the plot. First, you praise Emerald's plot for it's craziness or somesuch, and then you say D/P lacks any plot? It was on par with Emerald's, just not as refined, because Emerald was the third, updated version.

    Also, given designs like Klink, Cohagrigus, Alomomola, Gurdurr, and plenty of other Unova Pokemon, it's clear that they're running out of ideas for Pokemon design. It shows.
    Exactly what's wrong with any of those? You listed four Pokemon which aren't really that odd or badly designed, and failed to list anything else, it's like those are the only examples you can think of. In any case, Gen V introduced over 150 new Pokemon, and every generation has it's duds. It's pretty much up to individual taste as to which Pokemon qualify as these duds, but they're there. Even if you could list ten or fifteen badly designed Gen V Pokemon, there's over one hundred and fifty of them. No, they're not running out of ideas.

    The TV show- The TV show has gotten so bad I cant stand to watch it anymore! Its so cheesy and lame and ugh! I love the show up to about sinnoh were it was decent. BW just stunk.
    Conclusion- Old>>>>New

    The video games- The quality, graphics and all that stuff have gotten better but BW was really easy and the pokemon are lame. I also love the original games just because i like dem bad graphics.
    Conclusion- Old>>New

    The TCG- I like the new dragon types but other than that the old and the new are about the same.
    Conclusion- Old=New

    The pokemon themselves- Ugh. A chandelier, an ice cream cone, a garbage bag? What is happening!? The old pokemon had a magical creative touch to them and the new ones just seem like the people making them either pick a random animal or spin in a circle and see what they end up facing and BAM. New pokemon.
    Conclusion- Old>>>New

    Conclusion of the conclusions- Old>>>New
    . . . I honestly can't tell if you're serious, or if you're being sarcastic, a troll, or whatever. For one, the anime has never been good, it's just that as you get older, it appeals to you less, and you notice how repetitive it is. Besides, the games are the important part, not the anime or the TCG.

    Oh, yes, magical creative touch! Like a seal! Wtih a horn! Called Seel! Or a brown semi-circle with a face! Or a pile of eggs with faces, or some kind of weird human imitation thing, or a ball, with a face, or a pile of sludge, with a face, or a pink blob with a face! Those all have that "magical creative touch", don't they? What on Earth is wrong with having a Pokemon based off an ice cream cone, or a rubbish bag, or a chandelier? How is Vanilluxe worse than Exeggutor, Trubbish/Garbodor worse than Grimer/Muk, or Chandelure worse than Magnemite/Magneton? Those three have some of the most creative and awesome designs in the series, and it's just nostalgia blinding you to that.

    BW mainly did the opposite. It reused old Pokemon designs
    How? Examples? Proof? Anything? You just make a statement without backing it up whatsoever and expect us to accept it, just like that?

    TL;DR? Take off the nostalgia goggles.
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