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    Originally Posted by Sandshrew4 View Post
    So you like the BW tv show better?

    BW was the easiest game I ever played in my life!

    And as for the designs, it was the first season! As the seasons progressed, the designs got better (in my opinion) except sandshrew was better than them all! Anyway, the originals were what they were. Originals. You are supposed to build off them. BW mainly did the opposite. It reused old Pokemon designs. I know other regions have done that but I think BW did it to much. And I prefer a living poke all over an ice cream cone.
    From the little bit I've watched, yes. What I'm saying is, it's silly to say that one was undeniably better then the other. I have plenty of happy memories of the original series as well, but I won't say it was perfect. It's really hard for me to go back and watch some of the episodes. B/W isn't perfect, but I will argue with anyone who says it was undeniably worse then the original, and I'll do the same in reverse.

    Neither series is perfect, but they're both good.

    You must not play a lot of games then.

    That's not an excuse. Every gen has to build off of them. I will say this, Gen 5 may not have had the best designs, but you can't say they were the worst since Gen 1 was a lot less inspired in most senses.

    Gen 2 designs weren't that great either. We got bears, Angler Fish, deer and a ton of baby Pokemon. Some more birds, an Octopus, bugs, lots of fish, dogs and some plants.

    Gen 3 was honestly the region with some of the coolest designed Pokemon in my opinion, but it was far from perfect. We got hungry sludge, Pikachu clones, a giant nose rock, two Firefly things, and ect.

    Gen 4... Even more baby Pokemon, more birds, some monkeys, turtles, all kinds of bugs. Otters, two balloons (Even though they are two of my favorite Pokemon), slugs, some more dragons, cats. A tentacle monster sure is creative, I've never seen one of those before.

    Another thing people don't seem to think about it that Unova is supposed to represent the United States areas while the other Gens represent Japan. It's only natural that there will be some major differences between Pokemon in the two areas.

    My point is, it's silly. You can't DEFINE what a Pokemon is or isn't and to try and do that is pointless.
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