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    Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
    That is true, but what I was referring to was the expansiveness of Crystal really unlocked their potential; if only they'd have made the game somewhat more challenging, given how easy it was after Whitney's Miltank.
    They had to make it easy in order to let you go to both regions without being ridiculous.

    Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
    Norman is brutally tough and I'd be surprised if plenty of first-timers beat him on their first go. Even as having played the prior games, I wasn't expecting that kind of brutality. And I did heal up in Petalburg - it's just that Norman's Slakings are ridiculous unless you've encountered them before.
    The sea routes are bigger than one thinks, so if one only buys 10 repels thinking they'd be fine, then that's a problem. It's also confusing to get around, but I kind of like that. I don't like the endless Tentacool, though.
    Norman isn't that tough. I beat him on my second try, without grinding, in my first play through. I'll admit, it catches you off guard, but it's not that it's difficult, it's that facade/holy gorillasloth batman are a SURPRISE.

    The sea routes have stops along the way. There's very few expanses where 10 Super Repels (You know, the only kind you should buy?) isn't going to cut it, and even if it won't, you have more than enough cash to get 50~.

    Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
    D/P had no personality whatsoever, and it was a pointless exercise in thuggery, as if they had no motive at all. Platinum changed that - Emerald was a combination of Ruby and Sapphire, which made a damn good plot. D/P was basically soulless and uncharming in every way possible, not even having a notable villain. Cyrus thus had a bigger role in Platinum and boy, did he need it.
    Plot of Emerald:
    Turf War between teams.
    Revive Groudon and Kyogre.
    Realize they're idiots whose plans are not logical in the least.
    Rayquaza flea from nowhere.
    End of plot.

    Plot of DP:
    Weirdos in weird suits steal Pokemon.
    Capture the lake spirits to harness their energy to capture the mascot.
    Summon Palkia/Dialga.
    Hurrdurr Lake Spirits save the day.
    End of plot.


    Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
    You have a fair point there, but Gen V has the most duds in my mind. Klink's design is horrific given how it's just gears. Cohagrigus is a creepy coffin that just doesn't make sense. Alomomola is just Luvdisc 2.0. Gurdurr is just plain ugly. Vanillite looks like an ice cream cone. Garbordor is a freakin' dumpster. Golurk may look awesome but it doesn't look like a Pokemon. Need I list more? There are a lot of lines in Gen V that I wouldn't use because I hate the designs of them. This isn't the same case in the early generations, because I can only think of things like Muk and Electrode in Gen I. There's 150 of them there, too, and overall, it's a better bunch.

    I fully expect Gen VI to have more duds than V had, and for the curve to get progressively worse.
    Klink's not bad design at all. "Just gears" is fairly interesting, especially given it has BACKSTORY that reveals its a newer Pokemon. It's a flavorful thing.

    Cohagrigus is a SARCOPHAGUS, not a coffin. It's based on mummies and the like, hence its ability.

    Gurrdurr's a clown construction worker. It's more inventive than Mr. Mime.

    What's wrong with an Ice Cream cone? For all you know, in pokeworld, the Ice Cream Cone is based on Vanillite.

    Garbodor's more inventive than Muk, by far.

    Golurk's a GOLEM. You know ,the same thing the Regis are based on? It's supposed to look mechanical-ish and not normal.

    Muk, Electrode, Dugtrio, Magneton, Dewgong, Ditto, Magikarp, and more. The only cool things the gen has to offer are an Anthro Cat and possibly Porygon.

    It's not bad, you're just bent on nostalgia.
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