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@IceFyr: Yes, but we need you to go back and fix the post with the huge continuity error in it. That is to say, that truck needs to have never existed. I mean honestly. Your character is very likely capable of running far faster than some vehicle trying to carefully navigate the rural routes of Sinnoh without getting completely wrecked in the process to begin with.

The world of fallout needs to make sense for people to enjoy it, and right now trucks just don't make sense by any stretch of imagination. In order to make sure that the RP remains enjoyable, I need to ask you to go back, edit the post, and replace the truck with something that fits in the setting. Honestly, pokespirit wielders using any sort of vehicle doesn't make a lot of sense to begin with even if the vehicle itself could plausibly still be around, but something without any sort of engine and not requiring any sort of power such as perhaps a bicycle could be used in place of a truck.

...Presuming your character can ride a bicycle. :U But seriously. In order to move on, this needs to happen. For everyone's sake, let's not drag this out any longer. Get the edit done and let's move on. Hmm?

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