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For games, its a varient of 1/2 for me. If the game has DRM, I'm pirating a DRM free copy.

I have a very deep hatred of Steam, relating to when I had dialup. I'd purchase physical copies of games, and not be able to use them because Steam refuses to work on dialup. The part that made me hate them was when asking on the Steam Forums the only 'help' I got was being told to get better Internet. I have better internet now, but if my money wasn't important enough for them to give me a working service back then, then I'm sure as **** not giving them my money now.

Edit - I'll pirate it just out of spite, but if I end up falling in love with the game then I'll buy a physical copy. If they don't sell physical copies though, no money for them.

As for music, it's mostly #3 and sorta #1 (As in, not avaliable to purchase.) The stuff that I love, I can't buy it here so pirating is my only option. (Globe. Love them, but their CD's are rare and when they do pop up they are usually 50-60 each, plus the shipping from Japan.)
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