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I had decided to try my luck at Elesa's gym after a little more training and was pretty surprised that I won. Sandile, Venix, and Lucario did most of the work, with Vice getting taken out in the first hit because of a critical Volt Switch. After beating Elesa, I went across the bridge to Driftveil City and went to the house with Team Plasma. When the Sage offered me a Zorua, White 2 instantly went from a great game to the best Pokemon game I ever played. I didn't have room for it so I went to Pokemon Center to make room and once I reentered the building, I encountered a Zoruark. I nearly cried out in joy, thinking I would get to catch it, but then I realized one of the memory scenes was starting since I did the memory link with White. Right now I'm just training my team.

Current Team

Growlithe (Vice) Lv.25
Sandile Lv.28
Zorua Lv.25
Servine (Venix) Lv.25
Braviary Lv.25
Lucario Lv.28
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