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Originally Posted by EntwinedSilence View Post
Look at the area, it's not completely dead, and it still stands on it's own activity. I'm thinking Digi should have a say in it too, if we're talking about tossing his forum. It's chat thread still gets enough posts, sometimes a lot in one day, and it's threads get posts every day or so. It's standing, even if it does need something to spice it up. I just feel like if it's merged with GE, then one is gonna eat the other, and there'll be a serious lack of GE threads, or a serious lack of JE threads. As it is now, there's still a small place where anime fans can go to talk, and say if GE threads take over and the level of anime topics die off - how that goes is people start feeling insecure about posting anime-related threads, or Japan-related threads. "Well no one else is posting them, so maybe it's weird for me too..", and the whole presence just kind of dies off. That's all "What if", because that may not happen, but PC has always had an area for Japanese entertainment, and it seems wrong to possibly kill that off.

If that doesn't happen, and the JE threads will still pop up, then that'd be cool, it's just tricky because of what I just went in to. Nobody has to agree with me, but yeah.
Yes, it gets some activity - it's not completely dead. I'm not saying it's completely dead, though. I'm saying that it doesn't have enough activity to warrant it remaining a separate forum. You know that if someone suggested a new forum and the topic that they wanted it for (say, Shipping, for instance) had the amount of threads relating to it, it wouldn't pass off with enough activity to warrant an entire forum on it. Just having a single chat thread that gets enough posts, sometimes a lot in one day doesn't really seem like enough activity to warrant it's own forum.

There'd still be a small space for anime fans to go to talk if it were in General Entertainment. The forum wouldn't be removed, its topics will still be there, just in a different place.

"...but PC has always had an area for Japanese entertainment, and it seems wrong to possibly kill that off..." and there it is, the exact thing that I think is what's holding so many people back. Also happens to be the same reason it took so long to even touch Other Chat.
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