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    Hey there, finally running through LQ and must say I'm really enjoying it. Crystal was my favourite game in my youth, still remains my favourite pokemon game to this day and you guys have done a fantastic job in both restoring and improving various aspects of the game.

    I've come across a few bugs here and there, most I'm sure have already been reported.
    I'll post a couple here now that I have in question.

    1. On coming across the outskirt island, the three pedestals on which you would place a flute were already there, without me doing a single sliding puzzle. I already had two flutes in my possession, acquired the third and then placed all 3. I then went to the ruins of alph to finish each puzzle to be sure I didn't miss any triggers. On coming across the last puzzle, ho-oh, i found it had already been completed without me ever going there. Also, when going to the spots of what I can only assume are two out of 3 of the legendary birds, I found nothing. Has this bug happened before, and if so, is there any way I could fix it without losing my progress, or any way I could get the birds?.

    As for the last one I'm sure it's known. When evolving various pokemon I'm given the wrong pokedex entries, sometimes for pokemon I've yet to even see.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!
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