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Hello. I'm casualsden. I signed up to forum because I started playing Pokemon Raptor EX a community made game which I downloaded from this forum.

I watched some Pokemon anime till episode 400 something. After a while I lost interest because all the new pokemon introduction episodes were unbearably boring for me but I'm planning to watch more as I found I'm a bit rusty about my pokemon knowledge after I started playing Pokemon Raptor EX. I haven't read any Pokemon manga. I played all first generation games. Some of second generation and left at a playthrough in the middle of one of the third gen games. I was bored a little.

Can someone who played Pokemon Raptor EX answer a few questions for me, please?

The trading system sounds a bit complicated from the description in the pokemon communication center at

I got an awesome mystery gift from there.
level 20 Celebi.
Are they fixed or is it random? The woman there told me to check pokecommunity forums to see when/if there is a mystery gift again. How does that work? Do you guys announce it somewhere?
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