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    So basically the jist of this deck is to do damage fast. Gabites get garchomps out who do lots of damage for not a lot of energy. Tornadus movs energys to where i need them and the rest of the pokemon just dont need many energies. Now please take into account i made this deck on a whim and dont expect it to be great or anything. But please tell me how i could improve :D

    Gible x3 (dragons exalted, 87/124)
    Gabite x2 (dragons exalted, 89/124)
    Garchomp x1 (dragons exalted, 90/124)
    Garchomp x1 (dragons exalted, 91/124)
    Piplup x1 (dark explorers, 27/108)
    Prinplup x1 (dark explorers, 28/108)
    Empoleon x1 (dark explorers, 29/108)
    Tornadus x1 (emerging powers, 98/98)
    Buizel x2 (dragons exalted, 32/124)
    Floatzel x1 (dragons exalted, 33/124)
    Staryu x1 (next destinies, 23/99)
    Starmie x1 (next destinies, 24/99)
    Mienfoo x1 (next destinies, 67/99)
    Mienshao x1 (noble victories, 70/101)
    Fighting energy x6
    Water energy x13
    Blend energy water, lightning, fighting, metal x2
    Cheren x4
    Pokedex x3
    Pokemon communication x2
    Rocky helmet x1
    Energy retrival x2
    Great ball x2
    Energy search x1
    Cilan x1
    Potion x2
    Rescue scarf x1
    Energy switch x1
    Giant cape x1
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