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    lvl 52 lucario, lvl 54 volcarona, lvl 53 magnezone. Lvl 48 samurott who I plan to scrap for a walrien. The water/ice combination is more appealing to me and I LOVE walrien. BE GONE STARTER; I'm really disappointed starters didn't have more interesting typing like empoleans steal/water and that we got stuck with the same ones.

    All 8 gyms defeated and heading off to giant chasm. The dragon gym boss was very challenging for me; I used 2 sword dances on lucarion with a metronome item and swept him with forcepalm...had 17 hitpoints the whole time due to getting hit by 2 fighting moves before sweeping. The 'offensive' trainer leading to him was hard and I nearly blacked out (had to use a revive).

    I love volcarona but dealing with it's awful skill pool until lvl 59+ is really tiring and I simply ended up giving it the exp. share so that I wasn't wasting tons of items on it. Magnezone has carried the team in a lot of places. Lucario is a bit squishy and I'm considering grabbing cobalion instead.